What is “Sclerotherapy”? Sclerotherapy is a common and safe office procedure. We have performed this procedure more than 200,000 times. Sclerotherapy takes from one to six months depending on the number of veins present, followed by annual checkups. Sclerotherpay is performed in the office. During the visit, your doctor will cleanse the area where the veins are with an antiseptic solution. Then a very small needle containing a local anesthetic and concentrated saline is injected into the vein. A slight burning sensation which lasts for 3-5 seconds may occur. As many or as few veins as you desire can be injected during each visit.

After the actual treatment, what happens?

After the treatment, gauze pressure pads and pressure gradient support stockings are worn for three days and two nights. After that period of time, the stockings should be worn during the day for fourteen days. After fourteen days, you will return for a follow up visit. Depending on size, some veins may require more than one injection. If you have a goal date (i.e. vacation, special event, summer, etc.), you should make an appointment well in advance.

Can there be side effects?

Possible side effects include a small brown spot or scab at the injection site. However, these side effects occur in less than one percent of patients.

After the original treatment, what happens?

After the original treatment, we recommend yearly re-evaluations to treat new areas before they become extensive. Continued use of the pressure gradient support stockings when possible is encouraged. This helps to prevent new veins from appearing, as well as increasing the success of any intervention.

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