Somerset Venous Center

We understand and respect the fact that patients today are more well informed and interested in their medical care than at any time in history, and we know that you have the right to demand and expect at least a basic understanding of any medical condition you may suffer from. We have seen a common problem in that in many office environments, doctors may be pressured by time constraints, and bored by the repetition of similar questions,over and over. There you as the patient may feel rushed and unsatisfied and often your most basic questions and concerns may not be adequately addressed.

We want to assure you that this will never be the case at the Somerset Venous Center. At our offices, we know that your appearance and comfort are of paramount importance to you. Should you suffer from vein problems anywhere in Michigan, we feel as though we can help. We treat varicose and spider vein problems in Michigan at Somerset Venous Center. We have treated many patients like you and can help you to improve your appearance and ease your discomfort.

Your overall health is our primary concern. We know you have many questions, and have designed this site in order to provide you with a private forum within which to explore your options with Jennifer S. Engle, MD. For your ease and to provide maximal information, we have formatted each section in an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) format. We pose the question you may be interested in asking, and then provide the answer.


Somerset Venous Center

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